Rachael Zimlich, RN
Ms Zimlich is a freelance writer in Cleveland, Ohio. She writes regularly for Contemporary Pediatrics, Managed Healthcare Executive, and Medical Economics.
HIMSS recognizes software to track and manage immunization data
Tracking, reporting, and organizing immunization-related data is difficult but can improve patient care. HIMSS has recognized several products through its voluntary testing program that can do that job and work with electronic health record systems.
“Cancer vaccine” heads to human trials
A therapy that uses the immune system to fight cancer has been 97% effective in mice and is moving to human trials.
New guidelines highlight pediatric mental health needs
Too many children with depression go undiagnosed and untreated, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Updated guidelines should address this standard of care.
What you need to be doing about oral health
A new poll shows that there is a lot of misunderstanding about when is the right time for children to start seeing a dentist.
Organize your life with these five YouTube channels
Life today pulls you in too many directions. From work demands, relationships, family obligations, household chores, social media, paying bills, to grocery shopping—it never ends. It can be difficult to keep all these to-dos—and the stress that comes with them—in check. These five YouTube channels can help you cut through clutter and organize your life.
Study reveals vaccinations don’t weaken natural immunity
A popular claim in the antivaccination movement that too many vaccines can set children up for poor immunity overall has been refuted in a new study.
How a focus on dieting in kids can impact generations
Stressing dieting over healthy eating in teenagers can cause lifelong weight and diet problems than can extend for generations.
LAIV will return for next flu season
A change in the H1N1 component may have solved efficacy problems from prior formulations of the intranasal vaccine.
How a detailed asthma assessment can reduce future exacerbations
Asking a series of questions that can lead to more appropriate preventive medication use can go a long way in improving the health of children with asthma and reduce hospitalizations.
Major vaccines addressed in updated ACIP guidelines
There are some notable revisions in 2018 to recommendations concerning hepatitis B vaccination for newborns and a third dose of mumps-containing vaccines, among others.