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    The Lupus Foundation of America is the country's leading non-profit, voluntary health organization committed to discovering the causes and cure for lupus. Find issues of interest for healthcare professionals under the site's Information and Publications section. Read breaking news, peruse advocacy updates, locate a chapter, and subscribe to Lupus Now magazine.

    The vacation rental properties shown through this portal propose more space and amenities than those usually afforded by conventional hotels. Plus, they are cost-effective for families, groups, and others interested in saving money without compromising comfort and convenience. Internet users can look for places to stay—from bed and breakfasts and suites to villas and condominiums—get vacation ideas, and take advantage of great deals and specials. Powered by Hotels.com, reservations may be made online or by calling 888-219-SPOT.

    This interactive website boasts a dozen free health and fitness calculators. Presented by Ortho Athletic, they are intended as guidelines only. Women who wish to establish when they will be most fertile might use the ovulation estimator. Individuals who want to assess their body fat and determine whether or not they are within a healthy range may choose between calculators based on the U.S. Navy or YMCA formulas. Some of the other areas that can be gauged include frame size, body mass index, target heart rate, and waist-to-hip ratio.

    This portal furnishes arrival, departure, and delay particulars for commercial flights to, within, and from the United States. It even provides a number of search options that allow visitors to locate these specifics without a flight number. Check out schedule changes—including cancellations and reroutes—and the recently added airport status feature, which displays general delays and current weather conditions at 71 major airports.

    Comprised of articles, updates, helpful products, and a comprehensive referral system, the AgeNet Eldercare Network assists older persons looking for information, items, and services that can add to their quality of life. Adult children of aging parents can benefit from this site,as well. Sections are divided into topics like Health, Drugs, Legal, and Insurance. Caregiver Tools contains useful checklists and assessments, and you can use the Eldercare Locator to find organizations, services, and professionals in your area. Ask for expert advice, and register for free membership in Solutions for Better Aging.

    Recently launched, this travel site has been designed to provide a virtual tour of Hawaii's popular resort island destination. A streaming video guide for everything Maui has to offer—including accommodations, activities, beaches, and dining and entertainment options—allows for immediate viewing without the aid of players or downloading. Online reservations can be booked instantly with any of the featured companies.

    According to research conducted at Brigham and Women's Hospital, the prevalence of vulvodynia has been greatly underestimated since as many as 16 percent of women may be affected by the disorder at some point in their lives. The National Vulvodynia Association strives to improve the lifestyles of those who suffer from chronic vulvar pain by providing them with education and support. Join the association and help raise awareness.


    Bobbi Harrison
    Bobbi Harrison is managing editor of Healthcare Traveler and Healthcare Traveler's Staffing Solutions.