Travel Nursing

How to keep your security deposit when leaving a travel assignemnt
Before moving on to their next assignment, travel nurses should follow these housing guidelines.
Nurses who care too deeply burn out faster
A new report shows that nurses who care the most are more likely to experience burnout and even leave their jobs.
How travel nurses can find short-term housing on assignments
Finding affordable housing for your new job can seem daunting, but here are several tips to make your search a little easier.
ANA calls for 12 percent increase in RN workforce funding
In an effort to boost nursing education, the ANA is urging an increase in federal funding.
Nurses are vital to the future of health IT implementation and use
The involvement of nurses at every level is critical to the success of health information technology.
Nurses are on the front line in treating, recognizing mental illness
Although every nurse receives basic education for caring for psychiatric patients, the complexity of patient care continues to be a challenge.
NPs, PAs bill for millions of dermatology procedures, study finds
The most common procedures performed and billed independently to Medicare by nurse practitioners and physician assistants are dermatological, but that’s raising concerns.
Top 5 qualities recruiters look for in travel nurses
All types of nursing require a special set of skills, but in travel nursing, there are qualities that make some candidates stand out above the rest.
Online community MakerNurse allows nurses to share ideas
Every day, nurses come up with innovative solutions to meet the needs of their patients, and a new online community gives them an outlet to share those ideas.
Hospitals resolve to increase nurses’ time at the bedside
Administrative tasks are taking nurses away from the bedside, but some hospitals are finding creative ways to increase the amount of direct-care time patients receive.
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