Travel Nursing

Top 5 qualities recruiters look for in travel nurses
All types of nursing require a special set of skills, but in travel nursing, there are qualities that make some candidates stand out above the rest.
Online community MakerNurse allows nurses to share ideas
Every day, nurses come up with innovative solutions to meet the needs of their patients, and a new online community gives them an outlet to share those ideas.
Hospitals resolve to increase nurses’ time at the bedside
Administrative tasks are taking nurses away from the bedside, but some hospitals are finding creative ways to increase the amount of direct-care time patients receive.
Natural light improves nurse satisfaction and performance, study finds
A recent study shows the benefits of natural light for nurses in the workplace.
Home visits from nurses help reduce mortality rates among low-income mothers and children
Mortality rates among low-income mothers and their infants were reduced through the implementation of home nursing visits, according to a new study that spanned two decades.
RN intervention more successful in chronic cases than physician treatment alone
The shortage of primary care physicians is the main barrier to successful management of chronic disease cases, but specially trained nursing staff can help to lighten the load.
NPs in Kentucky offered a path to greater independence
Nurse practitioners (NPs) in Kentucky are now free to prescribe certain prescription drugs without involvement from a physician.
Predicted nursing shortage is being kept at bay by delayed RN retirements
A shortage of registered nurses has been predicted for some time, yet in some parts of the county, new nurses are reporting difficulty in finding jobs.
Tips for blogging your travel assignments
Between social media and free blogging sites, it isn’t difficult to share the details of your journeys to friends and family back home, or even a larger audience. Here's how to get started.
A travel nurse’s challenge: Transitioning back to permanent employment
There are many reasons a travel nurse might decide to leave life on the road. But here’s what you should consider before heading back to permanent employment.
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