Travel Nursing

NPs in Kentucky offered a path to greater independence
Nurse practitioners (NPs) in Kentucky are now free to prescribe certain prescription drugs without involvement from a physician.
Predicted nursing shortage is being kept at bay by delayed RN retirements
A shortage of registered nurses has been predicted for some time, yet in some parts of the county, new nurses are reporting difficulty in finding jobs.
Tips for blogging your travel assignments
Between social media and free blogging sites, it isn’t difficult to share the details of your journeys to friends and family back home, or even a larger audience. Here's how to get started.
A travel nurse’s challenge: Transitioning back to permanent employment
There are many reasons a travel nurse might decide to leave life on the road. But here’s what you should consider before heading back to permanent employment.
6 ways to organize mementos from travel assignments
With a new assignment every few months, travelers may find themselves overwhelmed with mementos from their travels. Here are a few ways to keep those memories organized and easier to enjoy.
Reconsidering the 12-hour shift for nurses
The 12-hour shift has become the standard in most hospitals and while nurses value the flexibility this scheduling offers, new data has revealed that longer work hours are damaging to both patients and healthcare workers.
Nurses play key role in vaccination success
Nurses are on the front line when it comes to battling the resurgence of diseases like pertussis and measles.
10 questions to ace your travel interview
Asking questions is a critical part of the phone interview with a hospital’s hiring manager. Here are 10 questions every traveler should consider.
Nurses in Mass. lead the charge for safe patient limits
Nurses in Massachusetts are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to overstaffing and patient safety.
Learning EHR systems may help travelers land top positions
Travel nursing can be a challenge for many reasons, but new requirements mandated by healthcare reforms—specifically electronic health records (EHR) systems—are adding a new layer of complication.
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