Travel Nursing

Five tips for travel nurses to conquer the job interview process
Interviewing for a travel nursing position might not be like any other interview you have had before.
Professional liability insurance is critical in travel nursing
Experts say all nurses should have their own liability insurance, even if they're covered under their employer's insurance plan.
Massachusetts could be first state to put RN-to-Patient ratios before voters
Massachusetts nurses are gearing up for a fight—one that nurses across the country have been fighting for decades. Only this time, failure to pay heed to nurses’ concerns about staffing ratios could take the issue out of the hands of legislators and place it before voters.
Experienced nurses provide higher quality patient care, study says
Nurses with longer hospital tenures may lead to higher quality and more cost-effective care, according to a recent study by Columbia University.
Six tips for signing with a travel nursing staffing company
There are many choices for travel nurses when it comes to signing up with a staffing company. Although your choice will likely be based on personal preferences, here are six things to watch for before signing.
Hospital nurses using personal smartphones for clinical communications, report says
Healthcare professionals have been rapidly adopting mobile technology in the workplace. However, a recent report shows that many nurses are using their personal smartphones, which may create security concerns for hospitals.
For nurses, evidenced-based sepsis protocol can reduce mortality rates, boost job satisfaction
New research shows that by using an evidenced-based protocol, nurses can help reduce the sepsis mortality rates in hospitals.
Florida hospital using tracking devices on nurses to improve workflow efficiencies, collect patient data
More than 100 nurses at a Florida hospital are having their movements tracked by administrators, and it’s yielding extremely useful data on workflow efficiencies, as well as patient demands.
Nurses take more accurate blood pressure readings than physicians, study says
Nurses may take more accurate blood pressure readings than physicians, according to a new study. The new research shows that patients may feel more anxious around physicians than nurses and are therefore more likely to produce a higher reading.
After battling cancer, one healthcare traveler ventures to a lab on the East Coast
One radiologic technologist made a 180-degree turn and accepted an assignment in Maine for the winter, after spending years on the West Coast.
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