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    State taxation: Terms, issues, and your responsibilities as a traveling healthcare provider

    What travelers should know


    State taxation: An overview of terms, issues, and your responsibilities

    For healthcare travelers, federal tax law can and should be applied consistently, regardless of where a mobile provider is from or where he or she takes an assignment. Still, there remains confusion and inconsistency among some placement agencies and travelers in determining eligibility for tax-free benefits, withholding, tax deductions, and filing requirements.

    In contrast, every state is different when it comes to taxes, which can lead to further misinterpretations for agencies, travelers, and even tax professionals, resulting in the risk of filing incorrectly or even not at all, when required. While such mix-ups generally produce smaller tax liabilities than federal errors, as records and memories fade, they can be difficult, tedious, time-consuming, and emotionally challenging to resolve.

    Here, with regard to filing state taxes, we are pleased to present you with an overview of terminology and issues, including source income, residency, domicile, reciprocity, other state tax credit, and local taxes. What's more, we point out some of the more common myths and pitfalls.