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    Sail into summer


    There's something special about being on assignment between June and August. Maybe it's the warm temperatures that appeal to all.

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    "During the winter months, it is fairly hard to talk nurses into going to the Dakotas, Michigan, or anywhere in the northern half of the country," says Jeff Schoepf, recruiting manager for Cincinnati-based staffing firm Trustaff, Inc. "Generally speaking, travelers are more willing to head north in the summer. That's when we have more success placing people in areas like New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, or Wisconsin."

    Perhaps hours of late-evening sunshine make it easier for individuals to fit outdoor activities into their busy days, making summertime feel more liberating. Then again, hardly a weekend passes without some sort of celebration or festival no matter where you're located. "Travelers take amazing day and weekend trips. For example, we have nurses who are huge baseball fans and they buy ticket packages when assigned to a Major League Baseball city so they can go to games," Schoepf says. "We had another traveler send us pictures from a Rascal Flats concert she attended while in Atlanta. In fact, travelers send us pictures of their outings all the time."

    Face it, there just seems to be a lot more to do and experience in the summertime, whether it's rural, rollicking, or relaxing.

    Summering at the Cape

    For the past three and a half years, Amber Tagg, OTR/L, appears to have followed the wind as far as work assignments, including Ketchikan, Alaska — for almost a year.

    "I want to experience the United States via my car, and the world of travel therapy opened its arms to me doing just that," explains the occupational therapist who partners with Reflectx Staffing, located in Lake Mary, Fla.

    Recently, Tagg was anxious to find her way home, or at least as close as possible. That's why she agreed to a five-month contract with Bayada Home Care in Cape Cod, which started last month. "I wanted to be with my family, and summer is the best time to be in New England," she says.


    Anne Baye Ericksen
    Anne Baye Ericksen is a freelance writer based in Simi Valley, California.