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Tax tips for traveling nurses

These days, it seems like U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill for just about everything, with the 2009 federal budget deficit projected to be $1.2 trillion. What has happened to the nation's economy?

Dan Kobaly, EA
Dan Kobaly, EA, tax advisor, enrolled agent, and founder of http://, provides an in-depth look at the crisis, from what went wrong, to where the country is headed, to what you can do now to increase your chance of economic survival—at home and on the road. Check out "The economic meltdown".

Joseph Smith, RRT, EA
Another way to ensure you're making informed financial decisions at this stressful time is to understand one of the most confusing, yet important, issues in healthcare travel—that of "tax home." Whether you are a veteran traveler, on your first assignment, or just thinking about this career alternative, it's in your best interest to realize how this concept can affect your receipt of reimbursements on a tax-free basis. Joseph Smith, RRT, EA, enrolled agent and owner of TravelTax LLC (, expounds on this concept in "What really is a 'tax home'?".

For healthcare travelers, a "tax home" determines whether reimbursements for transportation, lodging, and meals are treated on a tax-free basis.

When visiting any beach environment, always take the tropical climate into consideration

It is important to maintain meticulous infection control measure--for the safety of your patients, your colleagues, and yourself.

Healthcare Traveler presents online resources for traveling healthcare professionals: hometown connections, backpacking community, reliable health information, kid-friendly travel tips, and eco-friendly travel.

Traveling techs and therapists should think of your staffing agency as your personal GPS device to guide you through every step of your travel experience.

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