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    A gift that keeps giving


    While our Company Corner department usually addresses industry news, this month we asked Nora Adams, director of corporate housing for Emerald Health Services in Marina del Rey, Calif., to share her story of when she saved her son's life.

    Photos Courtesy of Nora Adams
    I keep a huge binder at home labeled "Kidney 2009." Weighing a hefty five pounds, it's loaded with various documents, medical records, and cards marking the most memorable day in my life.

    Before the first piece of paper was filed on Alex, my son, his kidneys were deteriorating rapidly. It was early 2008 and his creatinine level was unstable and climbing. Even though Alex was eating normally, his weight fell incredibly low and he was always tired.

    The main cause of my son's kidney failure is still unknown. Because our families never had kidney issues, I was sure that his childhood medications were a contributing factor. When Alex was in elementary school he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and was prescribed a variety of medications to control it. Though it was long before his kidney condition, I asked physicians if such medications could have lingered in his system.

    Whomever I asked, no one had an answer. Despite the cause, the fact remained that Alex's kidneys weren't working properly and he wasn't getting better. We met with nutritionists to alter Alex's diet by omitting fast food and lowering protein consumption. They monitored his blood pressure in conjunction with medication and hoped for the best. I wanted to believe it was an anomaly, but it wasn't.


    Nora Adams
    Nora Adams is director of corporate housing for Emerald Health Services in Marina del Rey, California.